A Night to Remember

  The casino was lively as a couple almost jumped through the automatic doors and into the wide expanse of the building ahead of them as they cringed to each other. The air was lively with the noise of machines buzzing. music playing, and the chatter of people conversing as they dropped coins for a chance to get rich.

“What do we do now?” The petite figure stood facing a man.

  The husky tone of the woman whispered to her partner making him smile at the possibilities for the night ahead of them. After all, the couple had planned for this trip for so long now, and truth be told he made sure that it all ended in their hotel room down the street. Giving her a sly smile he answered in his provocative tone.

  “Whatever we want, babe.”

  A chuckle escaped the woman’s lips knowing exactly what he meant a she too made plans for their night. Being a couple for two years now, they haven’t had a night to enjoy their youth over a date at the bar and whatever came after for quite a while. And she knew exactly how she was going to cinch it.

  “Wanna relive our first date after graduating college?”

  The man laughed remembering the moment that day. The two had gone to the same casino to watch a similar band in concert. It was the first night they had together alone but despite their nervous energy, he had finally lost his virginity to the woman of his dreams. But first they had gone during their excursion of populated superstructure.

  “Then lets head to the bar.”

  Her smile quickly went devilish as she knew exactly what she said that day that drove her lover insane. The woman leaned in closer into the mans ear and whispered in the most erotic voice she could muster.


  That word immediately had its intended effect as he immediately stiffened in complete arousal. The man adjusted his stance and put his forehead to hers.

  “You know exactly what you’re doing to me.”

  She smiled. This was her chance and now they could do exactly what they’ve been waiting for. But she just had to play along.

  “Do I?” She flirted.

  “Yes you do and I think you wanna skip the bar.”

  “Alright, say we do skip the bar. Where do we go?” she asked slyly.

  “Go back to our room on the other side of the casino.”

  “Oh, are we gonna do anything fun?” She teased

  “Only if you don’t mind if we redecorate the room a little?”

  “Gonna break some more things?” She whispered once again in that same erotic tone.

  “I’m hoping to break more than a few things this time.”