New Years Reflection

Welcome back to our blog, this is Sernaro and as you can see, it’s my turn to send you all a blog to read this week. I am well aware it isn’t Monday over here in the East Coast so you’re probably asking “Hey, what’s going on with your blog cause your late?”. Well, that’s cause I wanted to wait to we finally arrived in 2019 to finally look back at everything that’s happened to me as an author, as a person, and what I want to do now.

Let’s start with what 2018 did to me as an author and blogger. So Taci and I were finally able to break down a huge chunk of our story and sell it out on various stores under the ebook format most notably in iBooks, Kindle, and Barnes n Nobles. This part of the story is the very beginning of what we initially planned for a full book but we realized it was way too large and broke the book down into 4-5 parts. A lot went into the production of this one and I hope you guys can take the time to spend $5 to read the book sometime and give us feedback about it.

I am now an operations lead supervisor at an unspecified retail store near home. If I had learned anything, it’s that you will never know what’s gonna happen cause everything that happens ends up sounding like it’s been staged or made up. I also recently graduated with my bachelors in business administration with a concentration in management. It took me a while to get here but now that I am, I’m never going back to study until I am sure I can handle learning to that extent again.

So what to do now? Well, now I have more free time for myself. I’ve been meaning to put more focus on this site and now I can. There have been so many hobbies I’ve been meaning to get back into and now I can so that’s super exciting. Pretty soon, Taci and I will be working on a few books for this year with a goal to get things moving a little more for our author careers now that we have that started. We haven’t been very consistent lately and I apologize but now that we’re all caught up, please stay tuned and continue to look forward to our future works for 2019.

Sernaro signing off.