Message in a Bottle

Note: I apologize for not really trying to write this story. Its based on my favorite song series and I’ve been meaning to write the story down. I drastically shortened it and it turned out underwhelming. However, I spent a whole month working retail and my mental state is currently nonexistent. Please enjoy this mess of a story.


The ocean breeze gusted through the blonde hair of the young girl. Tears welled down her face in streams at the reminder of her dear brother who had died for her selfishness. The message was meant for him knowing he’d never be able to say anything back. But what hurt most to her was that she’d only now relinquished her selfish ways just like she promised him she would but he’d never be able to see it.

“Regina.” A calm voice of a nun called behind her.

The girl nodded back and walked back to the home she had grown to know for the last month. Quietly, she made her way towards the church and into the dormitory. Slowly, she got into her bed and closed her eyes. Without another word, she fell into a dream of her past.

In the dream she wakes up in her old bed, covered in royal red sheets of silk of the most expensive kind. Getting up and out of bed, she made her way to the tea room all the way on the other side of the mansion. She would creep through the gaudy halls decorated in velvet and porcelain busts. She’d hear the voices of people echoing around as if someone was whispering to her giving her words of praise as if to gain her favor. But there would be no one around, just empty rooms and dark hallways to trudge through. Finally reaching her destination she’d open the door and there would be her old self sitting by the white table in her old blood red dress fit for a royal. She’d look at her and she would only mutter one phrase.

“It’s teatime, isn’t it?”


Twenty years later, four kids are playing by the beach near the church when they come across a bottle. In interest, the leader grabbed the bottle and opened it to try to reveal the message inside but his lack of reading skills wouldn’t allow him to read the words properly.

“Give me that!” one of the girls shouted as she snatched the letter.

“No fair!” the lead boy replied.

“Children, do not fight.” a nun came rushing down towards the beach and towards her own adopted children.

It was then that she noticed the letter. The boy handed it to her and she began to read it. Just then fresh tears streamed down her face. It was her letter she wrote so many years ago but something was different this time. The letter read:

Dear brother,

I regret my past actions and wish were here to console me for everything that had happened. It was because I was so selfish that you put yourself in danger and paid the price for me on the guillotine. I only wish that you could forgive me. I just wanted you by my side forever and now I must pay the price.

Your dear sister,


but there was a new message etched after her name. Only three simple words but it meant the world to her.

I forgive you