Yeah…. We’re at this point now. As an author with a full-time retail job trying to keep up with classes on the last leg of my degree, it can very stressful. So how do I relieve stress? Easy, I hangout with Taci.

1. Head to the bar

The bar is a nice place to go to. Just so we’re clear, my life does not depend on alcohol but I can drink 6 margaritas in 5 minutes without getting drunk an hour later (ahem ahem). But it’s a nice social environment to hang out over with a friend. Come in at happy hour and the drinks are cheaper, food is sub-par but cheap, and you have a recipe for a nice hangout with friends and other stressed coworkers.

2.  All you can eat

So the next place Taci and I love to hang out, is at the buffet, specifically at the one in the mall next to Target (for our readers who know exactly what I’m talking about). Taci and I have had our moments here, it was the first place we went to where we drafted our first concepts for our book with the original concept expanding four books now being separated into arcs. But it’s a nice place to go for a group of people to just make an excuse to hang out.


There are also cheap ways to hang out with friends that are just as good. One of my favorite ways is just hanging out at work off the clock and just being there knowing you are not obligated to do anything. In retail, this doesn’t mean you’re a customer and it doesn’t mean you have to fold any clothing or clean up an area unless you want to. I get to see my friends working and I get to give them a chance to help me out as a moment of reprieve from dealing with unruly customers.


So yeah, hang out with friends. Sernaro signing off.