Dream come true

Sernaro here and I was hoping to talk about something personal between me and Taci this time. I’m talking about our two-year project that we’ve been working on ever since we met.


This project first started shortly after we met, perhaps maybe a few days after we first met. Taci had shown me a quick project she had worked and drafted on some time ago and to be frank, it wasn’t very well written at all. Taci is gonna hate me for saying this but it was so badly written I literally glared at her at every mistake made for a total of sixty-four times per page. But the content was very interesting and at the time I had only agreed to help her as her amateur editor.


Well, we went ahead with writing our story and had started it on wattpad. It was amazing to be able to post our first chapter and seeing the numbers pour in and seeing that people were reading. It became clear through every weekly chapter that we had a minor fanbase as we had people reading our story consistently. I feel like this kind of format worked out at the time cause the format was mostly inspired by how Once Upon A Time had formatted their show adding arcs and stories though we simplified it so it was easy to understand.


By the time we drafted out nineteenth chapter life got the best of us and we had to think about where this story was going cause we already discussed the potential of how far this story will go as well as what we expected to do with it. There were many ideas we discussed but what we decided on is to leave wattpad where it was and to publish it after editing our story for one last time.


I’m hoping by this point the book officially gets published as an ebook and I hope you guys will decide to support us as it was a hassle to decide on a final pricing that can still make us a bit of money for future plans. We chose to do an ebook for ease of accessibility and its honestly way too expensive to print books on two college student budgets. I’m hoping that we get enough support for the story that we can publish the book but that will be decided at a future date.


Sernaro signing off.