The Brokest, Richest Person

Hey guys! It’s the weekend and we are starting this Saturday morning with a story.  Just a few pointers, this story is based off true events. I found it funny and I thought why not tell you about this since I still question it to this day. Enjoy!


My sister is an interesting person. About a year ago she was working at a non-profit organization. What’s normal for her is that she was always busy. I would be lucky to have lunch with her through her work schedule. Here’s the thing with my sister, she’s made a lot of connections from her job. Whenever she’s feeling down about life I constantly remind her of the good she’s done. And the majority of the time she brushes it off.

My favorite is when we’re talking about life and she’s in a blah mood and I tell her that she knows so many people including a mayor of a city and she tells “It’s nothing.” My response to that is always, “Yeah, it’s the same if I was friends with a celebrity like Viola Davis, it’s not a big deal.” Besides the talks, I wondered if there’s a time when she had one day to herself, not thinking about work or always be too tired to even talk on the phone.

Apparently, it came true. Of last August, she lost her job when the organization shut down. I felt bad when I hear her worry about how would she pay for the bills and be upset about not knowing what the future would be. Although there were some downs of her being unemployed, there was some good that came out of it. I noticed she was able to take care of herself. She had the time to focus on her mental and physical state. 

As the months went on I discovered something that puzzled the hell out of me. Whenever I went on social media I would see pictures of my sister doing activities. That doesn’t sound bad right? Here’s the thing, I would see photos of her on yachts, parties, fancy event etc. In my head, I’m thinking “How is she able to do those things when she tells me she’s broke?” 

I remember talking to her on the phone and she was telling about this women program she wanted to get in but the membership was $500. I told her if she couldn’t get the money then maybe consider something or ask people and they could provide some cash. The next day she called me to tell me she got in and someone paid her entrance fee. I stood in the middle of my dorm room surprised. That’s when I decided to ask her about the photos.

From her response, she’s been invited multiple events where it didn’t cost her a single penny! Not one event she went to, she didn’t pay for anything! It was free!

The reason for it is because when her friends and people she’d network with heard what happened they decided to invite her to all these events that she couldn’t do before. The moment she explained she was going to Florida, Texas, and Chicago, all paid flight and hotel that’s when I decided to declare her “The Brokest, Richest Person”. She normally laughs whenever I say her nickname.

It was insane! All these places, the events, and traveling were for free! There was one thing I kept in mind, she said, “When you do things for the people you come across with, in time when you need help they will come to assist you.” And it was true. When she had her job she would be there for so many people and now with her in need of assistance they did the same for her which I thought was a valuable tip.

(And now you know too. Hehe)  

Now she’s found another job that she enjoys but there are times when she informs me that she’s broke but she’s going places, for example, Dubai for free. Which was actually recent and the only thing I do is look at her with a blank expression on my face.  If that ladies and gentlemen isn’t the brokest, richest person, then I don’t know what is.