It’s Coming

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday and you know what that means. We are closer to the weekend! I want to share some awesome news. After working two years on this project it’s finally a reality and I’m proud for this to be public to everyone. Our very first book is coming out soon and I can’t wait!

It’s crazy. If you told me two years ago that I would have a book coming out with my friend, I wouldn’t believe you. I would say “I wish that could happen.” Just thinking back those years, I created the story when I was a freshmen, starting college in a new state.

One day, in class, I met a person who always questioned what I was thinking whenever I told her something. She thought I was a bitch because she was hating the fact I was drinking tea with sugar instead of honey, and always didn’t think of the possibilities. (Sound familiar?)

It bummed me out a bit. Sometimes her thinking was always grounded instead of in the clouds. When I told her about the story, I asked her to be my editor.

To be honest, it did take a while for her to take the position. (I may have begged her a few times until she agreed.) But once we started the story it became something more. Although we were writing as we go at first, it later got more detailed and new things kept coming up. Not only that, as the years’ passed we became close friends who support each other through thick and thin.

At a certain point, I knew this story had potential as a novel. When I told my writing partner in crime about the novel idea, she was unsure at first. But when I explained how it would go and the structure, she was on board. Thus enter months of redoing the story, adding things we wanted to include and months and months of aching editing, it’s finally done.

I’m excited for it to be shown to you guys. Of course, Sernaro and I will keep you guys updated on the book.