Child’s Play

Good day. My name is.. well my name isn’t of much importance actually. You won’t need to know much about me actually. All you need to know is that I’ve done my time but they want to abuse me, torture me, send me away to suffer at the hands of my fate but I won’t let them take me without a fight.


“Matt, you can’t hide forever!” the woman shouted throughout the walls of the building.


I can’t be found if I am to survive the next seven hours. If I remain here then I will be safe. No one can find me in this hiding spot, no one ever has. Creating a small peephole, I look through to see my pursuer nowhere in sight. My eyes fool me however and I will not fall for this trick twice. I shall remain in my hideout for as long as it takes.


“Gotcha!” Light enters the corners of my dark hideout. “You’re gonna be late if you keep this up, have you even gotten dressed?”


“I don’t wanna go.”


“Yeah and I don’t wanna go to work but we can’t win them all.”


I puffed my cheeks in irritation but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away from this one. I might as well take this with dignity and just get it over with. Besides, I suppose I could just imagine that this torment is just a means to an end.


“You’re thinking that if you go, then you’ll get a free meal out of it, right?” The woman smiled with a sort of knowing.


But she was right, as always. Doesn’t matter anyway, I have to go to school.


Written and narrated in the view of a 2ndgrader, transcribed by Sernaro.