Finding Yourself

Sernaro here and today I wanted to take a quick break from being an author and talk about something you hear fairly often enough. Confidence.


Confidence goes a long way and has helped me get through a lot over the years. I hope you all found a nice place in life where you can say you love yourself but for me, it was a bit of a journey. You see, when I was young I never really spoke because I hated my voice but I ironically wanted to be a singer.

People told me that wouldn’t really work out but I kept trying, I didn’t wanna give up. Well, I took 4 years of vocal lessons and can honestly say I’m much more confidence in my voice despite how weird I think it sounds, I’ve pretty much-learned people are programmed to hate their own voice but someone out there can really adore it.


Through middle school and most of high school, I wore a huge jacket 4x the size I would normally wear cause I wasn’t confident in the body I had. Well at 18 I finally had my first boyfriend and for the first time, I got so health-conscious of who I was I decided to eat healthier, exercise and just generally do more for myself.

I hit my target weight of 125lbs and lost a ton of fat along the way but I wasn’t satisfied. Well after my first break up, I decided to keep up this lifestyle and I started noticing people looked at me differently. I wasn’t skinny but people wanted to date me. I wasn’t beautiful and I barely wore makeup but these people still thought I was attractive.


By the time I got my first real job, I was a bit of a mess. Trying out makeup but not quite knowing what to do with it, I was conscious of my fat showing but I looked in the mirror and it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I wasn’t quite happy. But going through retail for two years helped me point out my good points, I felt really loved for just being there.

It might be cheesy but I believe my friends are the reason I’m so confident in myself now. I’m not skinny but I don’t feel pressured to be any more, I’m 139lbs but I’m not so focused on the scale to care anymore, I know how to put on makeup but I don’t need to use it so much because I don’t need it to be beautiful, and I’m actually at a point where I’m happy.

It was a long road to get to there but there are many years ahead of me and I have to take each day with a stride. I truly hope you can all someday be as happy as me. Sernaro signing off.