Another day, another murder

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a new story… well more of one of those drafts that I couldn’t find a way to finish. But reading this over there will be a part 2 to this. Enjoy!

Just another day as the sound of a cell phone rings. A woman glances at the phone before answering.

“We got one. Sending you the coordinates now.” She hangs up, gets dressed and heads out the door. Moments later she walks to where people are gathering around. Soft wave blew through her dark red, shoulder-length hair. Moving through the crowd, the officer held up the yellow tape to let her pass. Scanning the area through her aviator sunglasses, the victim’s body was gone and in its place was a pool of blood.

She looks up at the tall building then back to the blood. An officer came to her side holding a notepad.

“According to some witnesses, the victim fell over twenty-three floors before impact. As for the perp, left the same time the victim fell to their death.” With little information, it was time for her to handle this her own way.

“Did she have any enemies?” Questioned the woman.

“Wasn’t on good terms with her best friend, the same with her father.”  Analyzing the area, the woman continued to ask questions.

“Anyone else?”

“We have those two being transported to the precinct and we were able to get a hold of her boyfriend.” Soon an examiner came to show her the photos he took. Going through the pictures it was a gruesome thing to see.

“Keep those three in separate rooms until I can talk to them. I’m going to get a better perspective.” With that said, she enters what appeared to be a hotel building and went to the twenty-third floor. A detective spotted her and waved to her. The moment she enters the room my eyes spot a few things.

“Nice place.” She said.

“Yeah well, this isn’t a place for someone to meet their end. Champagne was open, bed sheets… definitely used and the shattered glass near the entrance along with witness indicates she was having a fight with someone.”  Slowly heading to the broken glass window, scanning the window she detective a strand of white hair near her boot. Bending down to get a better look, just by the smell of it she scoffed.

“Found something?” She got up and pointed to the strain. An examiner concealed the hair and sent it away.

“So what do you think?”

“I need a drink.” She struts out the room leaving the detective calling out to her, “But it’s nine in the morning.” With her yelling back, “It’s happy hour somewhere in the world.”

The woman came across a bar and searched until she found her target. Just from the sound of her boots, a man hunched over his drink sighed.

“What do I owe the pleasure of you being here?” He asks as he gulps down a shot. She sat next to him facing the crowd. “You know why I’m here Eddie.” He scoffs before taking another shot.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She slightly tilts her head then looks behind her shoulder to the bartender and requested, “Lily shots.” The bartender nods and leaves the two alone.

“You know I only come to you when something bad happened.” He pauses his movement of taking another shot and turned to her who was busy observing the people.

“You come to me every day.” She shrugged.

“Why can’t you understand I can’t help you?” Just then the bartender returns giving her the shots.

“You know what I find interesting Eddie? Someone like you is always there before it happens and absorb their memories.”

“What makes you believe I had anything to do with it?”

“A strain of white hair. When you take their memory, there’s always a strain of white hair with it smelling of alcohol.”

“Oh really?” The guy was impressed by her assumption.

“What happens after you get what you want? You come here to drink after draining that person’s money before they die.” He took a shot and sighed.

“Wow. You made up a bullshit story about me?” She chuckles while she turns around, removing her sunglasses revealing her bright, gold eyes and takes a shot.

“Ne clark dum fot.” Suddenly he couldn’t control his body, he can only look at the woman next to him as she takes another drink.

“You’re wasting my time. I won’t say it again, Eddie. I need the information on our latest passing.” Soon he could feel his body feeling tight as if he was being crushed.

“Alright, alright!” The pressure disappeared as he gained full control of his body again.

“Cops are lazy doing their job. She was killed by some guy; he dressed nice, looked rich.” She sighed.

“I need a name, Eddie.”

“Out of all people, you should know I may collect their memories visually, however, I can’t collect the audio.” She takes a moment to think about her question.

“How are they connected?” Eddie hums for a moment before answering, “I’m seeing her talking to him through an online dating site. That night was their first time meeting. Shame.”

“Do you remember her online information?” He turns to her for a moment and pulled out a piece of paper with information on it.

“This is all I know.” Suddenly he felt his body being squeezed again, only tighter.

“I swear!” Just like that, he was released. The woman paid for the drinks, stood up, put her sunglasses back on and left with one last thing to say, “Thanks, Eddie. You might wanna stay low for the next few days.” Once she left the bar, Eddie shook his head.

“Whatever you say, Aella.”

To her, it was another day dealing with another murder.