5 things I learned when writing a story

Happy Monday! Either coming up with a concept, drafting chapters or even thinking of a title, there are five things I’ve noticed in my writing years that always seem to happen. So I thought, why know tell you guys about it? Just a quick disclaimer, these are my own options and you may or may not agree with me but it’s okay. Everyone is unique in their own way.


1. An idea for a new story can come at random.

This is very true on so many levels! There are days when I’m minding my own business and… BAM! A story idea pops in my head, especially if it’s an interesting story I have to write it down on my phone, or notebook. Basically, anything I can get my hands on to not lose the lightbulb going off in my head. The idea can come from anything. Something in your life, watching a movie, daydreaming or even listening to music. Point is when an idea of a story comes popping in your head it can come from anything. Also, you should write it down, doesn’t matter if the story sounds silly you can make it into anything you want.

2. Writer’s High

Now you saw the second one and thought to yourself,

“Writer’s high? You get high when you’re writing?”  

The answer is, no. I don’t mean getting high while writing. Let me explain, the moment you create a story concept in your head and you believe that you can make it into an interesting story, your brain goes into hyperdrive.

Meaning, it will give you kinda like an adrenaline rush when you’re outlining and plotting your story. All you want to do is to focus on that particular story and write as much as can do. This happens every time when I create a new story.

This is the best feeling and the best part when creating something new. One of my friends who isn’t a writer got it the moment I asked his opinion on a story I was creating. Soon he was giving me ideas and writing away for hours. He asked me why was he feeling this way and I told him, he was on a writer’s high.

3. Brain Freeze

The writer’s high can last for a certain amount of time before it sadly ends. Guess you can call it writer’s block, but to me, it’s more of a brain freeze. The high dies down to a point my thinking process completely stops.

Honestly, hate this phase but what can I do. My thinking took so much from me and sometimes when I push the high too much it leaves me with a headache. Once my brain is done, it’s done. If you get this as well, my advice to you is not to push it or you will end with a headache. Not pleasant.

4. Music can help your thinking process

Music is a major key for me when I’m developing a story. Perhaps you are the type who needs complete silence and that’s fine. Me on the other hand, need to have music playing in order to work. It’s more of playing through headphones for more focus, also to not disturb anyone if I was playing through speakers.

With music, I find a setting or tone of how I want the story to be. Especially if I want the story to go dark, calm, happy or even angry. Because music plays an important part in writing I have about five to ten…

Yes, I said it. About five to ten different music playlists, all categorized for a certain tone. Maybe you’re probably thinking wow, I don’t have that many playlists, I have way more than that or I don’t have a music playlist for writing at all. Again, that’s absolutely fine. It’s all about what works for you.

5. Be confident in your work

This is super important. When you are done writing a story, it’s important to have confidence in yourself.  You may never know. What you think is a terrible story can actually be something amazing to other people when they read it. What makes a great story is the determined person who writes it.

Take it from me. I started writing when I was 12 years old. I kept my work to myself because I believed my stories weren’t good enough. Two years later I gathered up the courage to write a story and post it online. In my mind, I thought nobody was going to read it, but I was wrong. Over 11 thousand people read my story, many gave reviews telling me they loved it and what would happen next!  

What I’m trying to say is, when you believe in yourself and you believe in your work, anything is possible. Even if you feel uncertain, post your story anyways and see what happens. Keep this in mind people who enjoy your work will be there to tell you what you do is amazing. As for the haters, let them hate. They’re negative energy. You don’t need that.