Real Talk: Do what you Love

 Hey, Sernaro again and I wanted to have some real talk with you guys. I am but a single woman. 

 Ok, so maybe that was obvious if you read my bio but I am a working class, college student, who works on these stories and blogs and still finds time to help out Taci in writing and editing parts of our book. I’ve always wondered how the heck could I do all that but the proof is all right here. I’m still doing it!

 I work in a retail department store and have pretty much been living there for the past few years. I had been recently been promoted to a lead position so they’re guaranteed to suck up huge hours of my time as they’ve already been doing as a part-timer. I can’t complain because I have bad spending habits and most of my money goes into paying off my tuition one painstaking dollar at a time so that I won’t ever have to touch a loan. But I can still make time for classes and do these stories even though its a struggle.

  I take online classes so I don’t have to put a strain on my schedule so that I can continue my education towards a bachelors degree and still work those insane hours at work. I juggle my time so that free time could be spent doing homework assignments and writing stories and blogs for you guys to enjoy. I still find time to go to Taci’s place so that we can continue to discuss the future of our website, our books, and to generally just hang out to relieve stress. I dropped out of college and chose to continue it because I love working retail despite how crazy people are and so I try hard to make sure I can be a manager worthy of my salt. Its been a rough two years, but my efforts will be paid off when I graduate in December but I always find the time to stuff regardless.

  These stories and blogs mean a lot to me. Like sometimes they’re experimental and other times I plan out carefully how each story is read and paced to give you guys something to enjoy but I always wanna put my all into it instead of half-assing it. Despite the hectic life of being a retail associate lead, despite having to meet deadlines for homework assignments I know I can BS but don’t cause that would be betraying myself, and despite trying to visit Taci weekly and knowing she gets upset when I can’t but I love her and I’m never gonna stop trying to meet her, I can still do it all.

  I wanted to inspire you guys to do more with your lives. Do what you love cause it’s not about having the time to do it, its about making the time to do it. I still watch anime, I play video games with my siblings after work, and I hang out with coworkers when I can because I want them to know I appreciate everything they do for me and the store. If you really love what you do then you’ll be able to do anything to make it happen. Its really tough stuff so having someone to talk to is important. Feel free to email me at my private email

 Sernaro signing off.