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“Did you hear?”

“Yeah.” Mouths were talking through the building. There wasn’t any news untold in this small town if anything happened everyone would know about it. The white sky matched the white on the ground as a boy in his late teens, stared at the cars drive by through the window near his desk. Though he normally kept to himself he wasn’t one to go around talking about the latest news and gossip. He felt his desk shake slightly as he looks ahead to notice his friend sitting there.

“What Eddy?” The boy asks, not really caring what the teen had to say. Eddy, a year younger than him, pale skin, fair auburn hair, and lively hazel eyes was the opposite to his friend.

“How’s your neighbor doing? Since that whole acc-”

“You know you should mind your own business, Eddy.” The boy was quick to change the subject.

“Come on Ben. I was jus-“

“Just end it alright.” Ben cut him off again, ending the conversation. Time went until the final bell rang and the students began to leave the building. Ben went to his car and head to the market to pick up some things before going home. He opened the door with bags of groceries in one hand shouting he was home. He quickly got inside not wanting to let any heat escape to the brisk weather.

Once he got settled in he started on his chores, cleaning the place then cooked dinner. The clock read 6:50pm as he finished up cooking dinner and started to set up the table for two. Just then a woman in her mid-40s, fair skin, dull black hair, and weary brown eyes sat on the table. Ben served the woman before serving himself and began to eat. Her, on the other hand, did not and just stared at the food. He noticed this.

“Mom, you got to eat.” He said in a low tone. Nothing came out of her mouth as she just stared at the food.

“Please, mom. Eat something.” She looked at him. A lone tear escaped her eye.

“How can I eat and be happy especially on a day like today?” He didn’t say anything for he couldn’t look at his mother.

“It should have been you.” She harshly pushed the plate of food away, stormed upstairs and slammed her door. Silence filled the room as he sat there and sighed. With a loss of appetite, Ben put away the leftovers and cleaned up before heading upstairs. Just as he approached his room he glanced over to the room across from his, the door open but the lights off.

Pain stings his heart. He didn’t say anything as he enters his room, throws his backpack on the bed, and lays right beside it staring blankly at the ceiling. Minutes later there was the sound of knocks on the door. He got up and went to answer it. When he opened the door there was an elder woman with a dish covered in tin foil.

“Mrs. Davis.” Ben gave a small smile, ushering her inside away from the cold. He leads her to the living room where she took a seat and Ben sitting next to her.

“Would you like something to drink?” She hummed before answering, “Some tea would be lovely.” He nods and goes prepare the tea. Moments later he come back with a serving tray with tea. He hands her a cup and waits for her hands to warm up.

What brings you here Mrs. Davis?” She placed the cup down.

“I wanted to bring you my strawberry and cream cake. Especially since you know what’s today. I wanted to see how are you and your mother are doing?” Ben scoffed.

“Uh… we’re going through the day. What about you? I’m sorry to hear about your loss.” Mrs. Davis sighed and thought to herself for a moment. She had many visits from people sending their condolences. She shed as many tears as possible but she is at peace for the most part.

“Same. Getting through one day at a time. It’s hard for me to believe she’s gone but I know she’s in a better place and I’m grateful for that.”

“Yeah, Lucy’s in a better place.” Ben smiled. He needed to be like her and look on the bright side, but it was hard to.

“Well, I must get going.” The two bid their goodbyes and Ben retreated back to his room. This time he decided to stay up and do some homework at his desk. He yawned while glancing at the clock.

12:00 AM it read. Just when he was going to call it a night he looked up to see a picture frame of him hugging a five-year-old girl. With her curly brown hair, brown eyes and a smile that would brighten up anyone’s day. He reached out and held the photo in his hand. Soon flashbacks hit his head repeating on the events that took place. He frowned, trying to make the painful memories away.

Suddenly the lights flickered. He sat still and watched as they continued to flicker off and on. Then he noticed something from the corner of his eye, it was a bright light flashing outside his window. He moved to see what it was and he couldn’t believe it. He left the house in a hurry with his pajamas, snow boots, and jacket. He just stood there as he saw it in front of him.

Although it sounds unreal there was an angel caught in the telephone lines. No, really. With quick thinking, Ben ran across the street and stood underneath just in time. The angel got free but fell only to have Ben catch it. He didn’t know how was it possible but he didn’t want to question it.

It was a kid. Her blonde hair was in pigtails, sparkly blue eyes, and smooth, fair skin. She looked like she was six or seven years old. One thing for sure she looked very familiar until it hit him.

“Lucy?” The kid looked at him and nodded. Oh my.. it was her! The neighbor’s grandchild who recently passed away. Ben couldn’t believe this. He had to be dreaming.

He just had be. Well freaking out about this wasn’t going to help him. He cleared his throat and asked her another question, “What are you doing here?” She didn’t say but look at the house behind her.

“You came to see them one last time?” She nods. Ben nods with her in understanding.

“So.. you have to leave now right?” The girl shook her head. That raised an eyebrow for Ben.

“Why not? Are you scared” No.

“Is there anyone else you want to see?” No.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Yes.

“Who are you waiting for?” No response. Lucy doesn’t answer but sits on the sidewalk and waits. At this point, the weather got colder and Jack Frost started nipping at his nose and fingers. He rubs her hands together and sits next to her, waiting with her.

Minutes pass by, Ben was getting tired and cold the longer he stayed at here. To make things worst besides the dropping temperature it began to snow. Ben groaned of his luck but Lucy remained calm her position just waiting.

Just then Lucy got up, Ben noticed this he looked ahead. Time froze. His body felt stiff as he saw who was in front of him. Lucy got up and walked to the figure as for Ben he slowly got up.

It was the girl from his picture. She looked the same, healthy and smiling at Lucy. He swallowed the lump in his throat and called out the figure. She turned to face him, instantly tears stream rapidly down his face.

“R-Rose.” He said. She smiled at him. It was her! His little sister, it was her. Ben took a step forward only to lose his footing causing him to take a knee in the snow-covered road. Rose stood there with Lucy. He didn’t know what to say, there was so much he wanted to say but he didn’t know where to begin. But he knew this word was the right thing to say.

“I-I’m sorry. God, I’m sorry Rose. I should’ve saved you. Mom was right it should have been me, you didn’t deserve to die. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…” He broke down in front of them while memories came back of him and Rose in the car, then a drunk driver hit them, the hospital and news that she didn’t make it but he did six months ago. And yesterday marked her birthday. She would’ve been six.

He felt something on his shoulder he glanced up to see her. They didn’t exchange words she only hugged him. She felt warm and peaceful. More tears streamed down his face as he hugged her back, with all that guilt eating him up it vanished and was replaced with peace and forgiveness.

When he opened his eyes she was gone. Both her and Lucy were gone and he was hugging air. He was kneeling on the cold, hard ground, the snow falling nonstop, a running nose, and a tear-stained face. Despite all that, there was something in him that he hasn’t felt in the past six months.

He felt at peace.