My Lady Death

Author Note: Image taken from Pinterest. Credit goes to Fernandords.


A hooded robed woman enters a dark room with nothing but the dim lime-green light faintly coming from a black cauldron in the middle of the circular room. The cauldron oozes a fog that falls to the floor and lingers long enough to have never seen the floor. Outlines of pillars could be made out with the faint light. This does not concern the woman as she just walks up to the cauldron with her goal in mind. She lifts her arm revealing her skeletal hand to remove the hood. The image of a skull reflects off the cauldron showing us lady death.

‘Blessed’ with the power to see the world for what it is. Omniscient abilities beyond the control of even God himself. Lady death stares at the cauldron solemnly knowing her job has to be put forward above all else. Waving her hands slowly over the fog, she chants her spell bringing up a foggy image in the liquid of the cauldron. As the fog clears, she sees a brown-haired man in his early twenties getting up from his bed in his three-room apartment.

Lady death only watches the man commit to his daily tasks, brushing his teeth, taking a shower, getting changed and making breakfast. Letting her bony finger slide against the rim of the cauldron, she ends the vision knowing nothing will come of it now but she knows to look back later. She summons a new image of a woman cycling the roads at night in a jogging suit.

Suddenly, a man in a gray hoodie and his face covered in a skiers mask comes out and runs across the street in a crazed manner startling the woman on the bicycle as she peddles faster. It’s not enough though as the man runs faster and pushes the woman off the bike and into the grass. The woman wants to scream but only blood pours out as she realizes a kitchen knife lunged through her throat.

Lady death then exits the vision and exits the room into the one she came from. This room is square and dark with fog lingering the floor. The dark image of the woman in her jogging suit juts out of the fog, startled and running around trying to find her surroundings. Lady death snaps her fingers allowing four torches perpendicular to each other on the walls to light a lime-green flame revealing her bony face to the woman who only froze with wide eyes. Lady death responds with words.

“You have met a terrible fate. Tragic as it may be, you cannot pass on into the afterlife until your killer is found. So I ask you, do you choose to defy your fate to find peace?”