The Meeting

Hi, Sernaro here. I’ve decided to do a post on how the creators of this website met and how we decided to become authors in less than a semester. So it should be obvious but we weren’t always authors. The two of us met one October Wednesday waiting for class to start at college and I had already made a friend a month prior but this isn’t where our story starts. I was talking to this friend because last semester I had regularly gone to a tea place to just calm down and relax and I had intended to only take her along with me to experience it as I hadn’t been there since summer vacation had started.

Just then, we heard a voice intervene at the word ‘tea’. The voice belonged to a woman sitting beside us, a lovely black woman who none of us had spoken to prior to that day. She had no reason to join the conversation, but she already overheard the plan and wanted in. Being polite, we invited her in and though I hadn’t planned for anything to come from it, it was a start of a beautiful friendship. Skip over to the next day on Friday after class at about 10:45am. The three of us crossed campus to make our way to the public bus stop on a cool autumn day you could only feel in New England.

So we make our way to the tea place (I can’t remember the name of the place for my life since it closed a year later) and we get seated to a nice table. The table has a manual burner in the middle to heat up water in a kettle where we can pour it in a separate teapot (side note: I absolutely love earl grey tea). So we have tea and this bitch tells us that she doesn’t want honey with her tea and will only take sugar. Well going through a whole semester only taking honey, I did feel slightly challenged and decided this time I’ll also try using sugar and…….. she was right, I found sugar way better. So remember kids, always take sugar 😀

We had ended up going to the mall and getting along very well but I’m gonna fast forward a week where we find ourselves talking to each other before class about some book ideas she had and I had stated I had written some old stories back in middle school but I had never really any need to publish it or make it public. Well, we continued our discussion even through to the library and we decided to write our first story though at the time I had only wish to be an editor and nothing more. But I’ll get into that another day. Hope you enjoyed my post and that it inspires you to write something out of nothing! (^.^)