Progress Report

Hey Sernaro here and its wednesday. So its been a bit since you’ve all heard from us and I wanted to give you guys a quick explanation on that. You all deserve that much and it only makes sense that you hear from us instead of dealing with static. So Taci, she’s been super hard…

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Moved on

The nightmares won’t stop coming But eventually I’ll have to accept it You aren’t here nor will you let anyone know why Yet in many if dreams you’ll come back You’ll act like nothing had happened and leave everyone in the dark But then you still act like I can forgive you Thing is, if…

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Book title Revealed! A Whispers in the Dark Series

Hello guys! Happy hump day! That’s right, I got my head together and remember what day it was today. Today is self explanitory if you take a look at the title. Now I’ve been keeping under wraps mainly because with COVID and personal issues I havent been able to focus much attention on it for…

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